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More About Us

Our Story

Automated Finishing Company started out as a hand engraving company in the 1940s. We have since developed automated engraving machinery that duplicates the hand engraving process while adding greater accuracy and the ability for almost endless volume. In many cases our own master engravers have proclaimed the automated engraving equal to and perhaps even superior to their own.

Our engraving equipment can chase, rout, carve, cut, shape and engrave detail fine enough for the head of a pin, elegant enough for jewelry, and bold enough for the knife and gun industry. We work with materials such as gold, silver, glass, wood, steel, aluminum, semi-precious stones, bone or plastic can all be engraved and finished with our proprietary equipment. We also offer a variety of selective 24kt gold inlays. Our founder Harold Lambert, would be pleased at the way we have followed his rule, "Quality above all else". We are proud to continue this tradition.

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